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RFID Revolution Express™ is an enterprise caliber middleware platform for working with and controlling RFID devices from multiple manufacturers such as Impinj, Invengo, Alien, Motorola, ThingMagic and others.

The current release supports all models of the Impinj Speedway Revolution and Speedway xPortal as well as the new Impinj xSpan Gateway and xArray Gateway systems.

The software is backwards compatible with the Speedway Classic reader and works with any RFID device that supports the Low Level Reader Protocol (LLRP) communication interface.

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RFID Starter Tool

Free Download: Updated

RFID Starter Tool, a FREE tool for getting started with the Impinj Speedway Revolution and other LLRP enabled RFID devices.

RFID Starter Tool

  • Start reading tags right away
  • No experience required
  • Change settings at runtime without stopping
  • Save tag reads to a CSV file
  • Easily change the RFID tag's EPC value
  • Automatically determine the Make/Model of RFID Chips
  • Dynamically tune read zone using Power, Sensitivity and RSSI
  • Advanced metrics include RF Phase Angle and Doppler Shift

  • New : Modify Tag Memory: Read, Write, Lock, Unlock, Kill RFID Tags

  • RFID Tag Memory

  • Works with any LLRP compatible device as well as the ThingMagic USB Desktop reader

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Speedway Reader Antenna Hub

Support up to 32 antennas with a single Speedway Revolution reader.

Speedway Reader Antenna Hub

Impinj Speedway Connect

Easily move beyond barcode technology with Speedway  Connect UHF RFID reader software from Impinj . Speedway Connect software provides customers with a cost-effective method for readily converting barcode read points to RFID technology with minimal disruption to existing operations.

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Impinj Speedway xPortal

The Speedway® xPortal is an integrated portal reader, incorporating the industry-leading Speedway Revolution RFID reader and Impinj's Dual-Linear Phased Array (DLPA) antenna technology, yielding the industry's smallest, most flexible, and cost-effective RFID portal solution.

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Impinj Speedway

Impinj Speedway Revolution RFID Reader

Impinj Speedwayway Revolution RFID Reader

Impinj Speedway Revolution, a innovative breakthrough in UHF Gen 2 RFID Reader technology. Impinj updates its flagship Speedway RFID reader with the release of the Speedway Revolution UHF, Passive RFID Reader which incorporates Autopilot technology to deliver new standards in RFID reader performance, ease of use, versatility, reliability and cost of ownership.

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